For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.


Q: How long does the hair last?

The longevity of the hair depends on the up keep by the customer. Using the right products and styling tools will help maintain the hair. If the hair is cared for in the proper way it can last for 2 years or more depending on up keep.


Q: Can you color the hair?

Yes, this is virgin premium hair so it can be dyed and color but we recommend that is is dyed by a professional. Dying hair can increase shading and tangling if not dyed properly.


Q: How to maintain human hair extensions?

Shampoo weekly this will help the hair keep its natural luster and shine. Use minimum product so that the hair will not become coated with product because it can cause the hair to tangle. Make sure to detangle the hair by combing from bottom to top this will help with less shading of the hair. We recommend Gariner Fructis. You want to use products that don’t strip the hair of its natural luster. You want to use shampoo and conditioners that cleanse the hair but do not coat it. If you are traveling and will be doing water activities make sure to put a leave in conditioner into your hair because ocean water can be really harsh on hair weaves and our natural hair.


Q: How long does shipping take?

Shipping can take 3-5 business days depending on your location. Customers are responsible for shipping cost at check out.


Q:Sealing your wefts

Sealing your hair wefts is highly recommended because it helps with the shedding of your hair.
You can seal the hair with weft sealant before installation.


Q:Shampoo & conditioning

Here are Salem hair collection we pride ourselves in selling our customers luxury human hair extensions. We do not recommend using products that will coat the hair. The hair needs to be cleansed and conditioned weekly. We suggest using lite oils nothing to heavy that will weigh the hair down, and it can also cause tangling at the nape of the neck.


Q:Closures & Frontals

Every girl loves having a realistic look when it comes to the closures, and frontals. Bleaching the knots on your wigs, frontals, and closures are common, but there are many cons and we want our customers to be aware. Bleaching can cause shedding , and thinning of your closures and frontals. We recommend getting a professional stylist to complete the process. Bleaching of the knots can alter the hair and also decrease the longevity of the hair.



100% virgin hair can be colored treated. We recommend seeing a license cosmetologist to complete this process. Receiving the right coloring treatment will allow you to have longevity out of your hair extensions. Over processing the hair can cause damage to your hair extensions. We recommend conditioning color treated hair more often than you would on extensions that have not been colored treated.


Q:Maintaining Curling Hair Extensions

Curly hair extensions give women so much versatility. We love to have options. These hair extensions can be worn straight and curly, but to every great thing there are cons . These extensions need to be moisturized daily when they are worn in natural state. Before bed the hair should be detangled and braided into four sections( this is not a must, but is a great way to maintain the hair). Also use lite oils to keep the hair moisturized and also a a leave in conditioner would be beneficial when wearing this hair.